About Us

Our Organization

The Westside Health Authority’s Good Neighbor Campaign is a community-based movement that connects neighbors empowering us to share our abilities and talents, i.e. gifts, with one another in order to realize a shared vision of a healthy, loving, and supportive community. The Good Neighbor Campaign is a coming together of concerned citizens, local churches, neighborhood institutions, and youth with a mission to build a village by connecting with neighbors in the Austin community.

Every Neighbor, Every Block, Empowers the Community

Our Mission

To create a village that is comprised of good neighbors, healthy businesses, and invested civic representatives in order to leverage the strengths and talents of the community to maintain and build a strong village for our neighbors to thrive in.

Our Vision

We envision a village where every neighbor takes responsibility for their community by exercising stewardship and committing their gifts and talents to build the village. By doing this we can effectively combat violence, homelessness, and disconnected youth, so that the village can sustain itself and leverage all the rich resources available to them.