Wellness Visits

Wellness workers work with their senior clients to assess their needs and develop a plan to ensure their needs are met. Seniors are some of Austin’s most vulnerable populations making up about 14% of our community. Good Neighbor Wellness Workers are staff specifically dedicated to supporting seniors however they can. 

To reserve a wellness visit please call 773-286-0249 and we will coordinate a time and day that works best for everyone.


The Good Neighbor Campaign is a movement to connect neighbors and empower each other through sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities. We are a coming together of local residents, churches, and youth with a mission to build a village through relationship building in the Austin community.

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Vera Wardlaw is a community educator. When the Good Neighbor Campaign announced our remote learning center, Vera volunteered her gift to help build the minds of our youth. Vera is our lead educator/mentor at the Good Neighbor Remote Learning Center. With many years in education, she realizes it takes a village and is putting her gift to work. 

Thanks, Vera!

Good Neighbor Spotlight

Recent Event

A block mobilization hosted by Austin Response Team (Good Neighbor is apart of). We canvassed the block of 1200 Central in response to the recent violence that had taken place over the summer. Elected officials Camille Lily and Emma Mitts joined our CEO Morris Reed and 15th district police in canvassing the neighborhood. Connecting with neighbors and speaking change. Every week there is a block mobilization taking place, stay tuned.

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